Nutri-Soy Meal

  • # Free of cholesterol and trans-fat
  • # An excellent source of protein that is easily absorbed and utilized by our body
  • # Fortified with arginine to protect and promote good liver health
  • # No added coloring, hormones or preservatives
  • # Easy to prepare and smooth in taste

Soy has long been regarded as one of the five 
golden treasures of China. 
Due to its high content of the “Soy Oligopeptides”,
which is a source of protein that contains all of 
the essential amino acids for the dietary needs of humans, 
it is a good source of food protein required by our body 
to build new cells and repair damaged ones.

Nutri-Soy Meal is a nutritional supplement 
that is power-packed with “Soy Oligopeptides” 
to provide a balanced meal that is readily 
and easily absorbed by our body.

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