• ->Helps increase insulin secretion and enhances insulin function
  • ->Helps inhibit the decomposition and absorption of disaccharidesin the small intestine, effectively reduces sudden increase of blood sugar after foods
  • ->Effectively regulates blood sugar, prevents high blood sugar and diabetes
  • ->Benefits Qi and nourishes Yin, stimulates the production of body fluids to prevent thirst

Gluco8 is formulated from edible herbs with medicinal values such as mulberry leaves, chrysanthemum and chinese yam. It is rich in active components, likemulberry polysaccharides and mulberry alkaloids (DNJ). Polysaccarides from mulberry leaves promote insulin secretion by β-cells which enhances glucose take up rate and utilisation by cells, as well as increase the synthesis of glycogen. Mulberry DNJ inhibits the decomposition and absorption of disaccharides in the small intestines, which in turn controls the surge of blood sugar level after meals.

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