Hawthorn Plus is prepared using traditional herbs such as Hawthorn, Honeysuckle and Honey. Hawthorn promotes good digestion by invigorating and reenergizing the spleen and stomach functions while Honeysuckle andHoney can help to clear body heat and aid detoxification.

Specific Benefits

  • Helps to clear symptoms of excessive body heat eg, bad breath, toothaches, oral ulcers, poor digestion, stress and lack of sleep
  • Honey and Honeysuckle help in detoxification and relief ofconstipation
  • Contains vitamin C to boost the immune system
  • Promotes good appetite and aid digestion

Product size: 600ml

Serving suggestion: Dilute 1 part to 4-5 parts warm or cold water before drinking. Shake well before use

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  1. farra says:

    bulan puasa elok minum ni ketika bersahur dan berbuka..trylaa

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